Thursday, May 28, 2009

What time is it?

SUMMERTIME! I couldn't resist answering DD1's question that way this afternoon. (I do apologize to any High School Musical knowing people who will have that song stuck in their head the rest of the day....) I always have big plans, ideas for activities, learning experiences, fun outings.... We purposely have not scheduled anything in the summer besides swim lessons and softball games, all finished by the fourth of July. Downtime and fun time, that's the goal for the summer. The routine book will be out every morning, just to keep things in shape and make sure we can make it out of the house before 11 am. An early summer tradition has been to have each child make a summer list. A list all their own filled with activities they want to do during the summer. The list is not a guarantee of anything, only a guide and a way to look back in Mid August and see, yes, we DID do things things this summer. So far there is swim, camp out with friends, bike rides, State Fair, ice skating, fishing, and birthday parties (we have a lot of Summer birthdays in our family). Looks good to me....a few things I have on my list include reading programs, regular family time in the garden to keep the weeds under control, shrinky dinks, reading to the girls from a book picked out together (maybe the little house books), teaching each older child 2-3 recipes they can master and make without (much) help and allowing some guest blogging if they are so inclined. The first 1/2 day is over, a summertime to go.

Friday, May 15, 2009


If you ever thought you couldn't,
Read this post....
They did. You can. :) Congratulations Heidi and Family. You rock.

a little funny

Q. What did the zero say to the eight?

A. Nice belt

(Thanks Aimee!!)

Out of the mouths of (my) babes....

"When I do this, there won't be a white carpet for me....I'm gonna have a RED one." (DD1 to me while attending a family wedding last week)

"Can I smell your bunny?" (DD2 to DD3 on Easter morning, referring to her white chocolate bunny)

"wuv oooo" (DS's new phrase, and my most favorite to date!)

"Why does SHE get all the bubbles?" (DD3 to me while I blew bubbles for her and Zoey)