Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snowy Sunday

The first snow of the season did turn out beautiful and fun (even after my inner stressing). DS got to play in the snow without wearing a hat. He actually preferred to eat it, and I did make sure it was pure white in nature!

DD1 decided to play wii instead of going outside the first time, but I guess the excitement was catching and she joined everyone else soon after.

Let it snow???

Argh. I'm not sure I'm ready for this. Last winter seemed so long and with too many nights Paperman didn't make it home. This morning Paperman was up with the two youngest girls and making pancakes. As I laid in bed, enjoying their conversation, I kept hearing the same thing....CAN WE GO OUTSIDE? CAN WE GO OUTSIDE YET? CAN WE GO OUTSIDE NOW??? My sweet patient saint of a husband kept saying, in a minute, pretty soon, when we're done with breakfast....Then the dread starts to pop into my head....I had not prepared for snow. It didn't have to do with having supplies, shovels, sleds, etc... The entry way, meant for a family of 3 (not 6 plus a dog!) was not cleaned, the baskets of mittens were not set out, snow pants were not assigned from the overflowing tote o pants and bikes have not been put away to make room for sleds. I did manage to contain my "argh" and drag myself from the covers, help find dd3's boots and between the 3 girls, they made at least 8 full dress, play, undress, dry clothes, redress, play cycles today. We discussed ideas on how to keep the entry way clean and semi organized (ie: keep mom from freaking out) as a family. General putting things where they belong should help out with this. Maybe by summer we'll all have it down pat!

it's only the beginning...

DD2 had her first sleepover with a friend on Wednesday evening. The timing was right with no school in sight for 4 days and nothing big on the calendar for that evening. The girls even got to pick if they wanted to have dd1 and dd3 sleep with them and they took the "more the merrier" route and said yes. They got to stay up a little later than normal, had pancakes and ice cream cones and made puppy beds out of shoe boxes for their stuffed animals. All in all, I'm up for it again. It's fun to share our family with others, give the kids a chance to really get to know their friends and keep things exciting around here. Could there be any more pink or purple bedding on that air mattress??

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4 gifts

Something they want
Something they need
Something to wear
Something to read

How is that for a Christmas plan? I can't claim that as an original, but I think we may use this in our house. Our kiddos also seem to get more from us than Santa. I guess maybe Mom and Dad need some extra points and Santa doesn't want to compete. We keep spending reasonable anyway, but this will help me focus on a category, get it done, and move on. My shopping is basically done, and I think I just need to buy some books.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Dear old treadmill-
I plan to visit you several times this week. Once again, 4 times is my goal. This week is not a normal week schedule wise, but that is no excuse to not visit. I'm sorry for only visiting 2 times last week. I could not fit you in the van for our trip, but that's only an excuse, not a reason. There were 4 other days to the week. Thank you for being patient. I may love you someday-

Meal planning Monday

Monday- Ham and some other things
Tuesday- Tacos
Wednesday- ?
Thursday- Supper at Hillary's. I'm taking mashed potatoes, dessert and rolls.
Friday- Pizza

Sorry this is a bit generic. I plan to elaborate more as I get my wits about me...don't sit on the edge of your seat as that may just never happen! Happy Monday.

We're home!

We went north for the weekend, 5 hours north to my Aunt and Uncles house in Wisconsin. It was opening deer season and that is a huge deal. There are blaze orange dots all over the county side as we travel and trucks parked at nearly every timber entrance. My Cousins, Aunt and I all chip in to feed an average of 20 people per meal for 3 days. It's a lot of food but also fun for everyone. After 3 years of practice it's down to a near science and we all get to enjoy time together and not just cooking and doing dishes. The "cousins" (some 1st cousins, some 2nd) range in age from 1 to 15. That does present some issues with trying to keep everyone happy, but luckily the over 9 bunch of kids are great with the younger ones. They did craft activities, played with kitties, watched movies and helped out with meals and the little one (ds). I had three revelations for this trip. 1. If you don't comb your 4 year old daughters hair (middle of the back length) for 3 days it gets some mighty tangles. (she did brush her teeth while we were gone!) 2. When traveling with children, you take the same amount "stuff" if you stay 3 days or 3 weeks. Our van held- 6 people, 5 pillows, 4 blankies, 1 pack and play, 2 coolers, 1 deer stand, 1 gun, books, movies, craft supplies, 20 outfits, 8 sets of Jammie's, diapers, 4 water bottles, 1 set of jumper cables (the battery is acting up) and all the miscellaneous items needed for a weekend away. 3. I wouldn't trade this special time with my extended family for anything, except maybe a cargo van.

Monday, November 17, 2008

mile marker 4

That's two straight days on the treadmill....I'm off...and walking quickly. :)

Doctor Love

I'm in love with another man. Our pediatrician. Not in love in love, just appreciating what he does for our family. He and his father were the dr's my Mom would take us to when we were too sick to see our small town doctor. He is the doctor we've taken dd1 and everyone else to since they were one week old. I can stress and wonder about anything, but with one phone call he can make me feel at ease. He is very good at being on the safe side of things, but not overreacting. I'm sure most doctors are this way, but today after 5 trips to the doctor in 2 weeks it was nice to be reassured that we are doing ok and our kids are "just perfect" (his quote not mine, see why I love this man!). DD1 and DD2 had their checkups. Yep, a little late for dd2 but I usually do them together, then everyone gets their flu shots, and ice cream. This year the girls got flu mist, and still ice cream. I'm sure he has a huge number of patients (as he's been "in the business" for over 25 years), but he still acts like he remembers us and the little details about our lives, I guess it's kind of like being a frequent flyer member, membership has it's privileges.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meal Planning Monday

Last weeks plan went pretty well as we ate 4 of the 6 meals that were planned. I had to make some quick substitutons as doctor appointments and little ones needing held seemed to creep into my potato peeling time! I'll try to get them in this week. The things I list are general guidlines for me, we sometimes have bread,cottage cheese,and other add ons as I remember or they get asked for. If possible I try to make enough for 2 meals then we have leftovers for another night or lunches.

Monday-Baked pasta with veggies, fruit salad
Tuesday- Scalloped potatoes, carrots
Wednesday- Crock pot roast/cabbage/apples
Thursday- Leftovers
Friday- Lasagna, bread, salad
Saturday -Ham, mashed potatoes, broccoli
Sunday- Leftovers

I run for life....

Ok, for those of you who have seen me lately, stop laughing at the title. I have never been a runner, a medium jogger maybe, but never a runner. I did (jog) a 5k 10 months before ds was born, and haven't done a 12 minute mile since. :) I have a perfectly good treadmill in my basement, a baby monitor and an mp3 player if Paperman is home. The excuses have to go and I will be spending 30 minutes on that baby 4 days a week. Where do I plan to add this between bon bon eating and soap opera watching you ask? 6am or 9pm. I am a total night owl, mostly because I'm preoccupied with keeping my head above water so mornings aren't my specialty- and never have been. I also have no problem exercising and going straight to bed. It erases stress in my mind and body and I can fall right to sleep. About the title of the post, I run for life by Melissa Etheridge (google the song title to listen, it rocks!) became my anthem as I was training for the 5k. My Mom had just finished her treatment for breast cancer and I was running the race in her honor. Since then I have had 2 aunts and 2 friends diagnosed. Are those 5 women not a good enough reason to dig 30 minutes out of my day? Do I need more reasons? My kids, being a good example for them and more energy to keep up with them. 2011, my 20 year class reunion. Tropical getaway, it will happen, and I will be ready when it does! Here's to my cancer fighting, heart healthy, jean fitting, good example, easy breathin workout plan. Feel free to comment or email if you want join me!

Putting my hat on again....

Or in one word, a RECAP. Our week in a nutshell, fevers, strep, viral. Yep, 2 girls with fevers, one with strep (dd2) and one "just viral" (ie:wait it out, question your parenting abilities, take stock in advil and sprite with straws) (dd3). DD3 is entering day 6 of fevers above 103 degrees. She's been such a trooper. While the meds are working she's watching tv or letting us read to her. When the temp spikes it's nap time. It may sound a bit odd, but I don't mind my babies being sick (just to a point) as I like being able to be at home and snuggle. If we could just stay home and snuggle WITHOUT being sick that would be even better. As I look at it, we are getting all the sickies out of the way, no one will be sick on Christmas and it's smooth sailing through February. It's ok to hope/wish and pray right?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

beep, beep, buzzzzz

Zoey, we really do love you, or else we wouldn't be doing this. We wouldn't be putting limits on where you can roam and run in this beautiful and interesting world we live in. We wouldn't have gotten you a new collar and transmitter to send you some not so pleasant messages to keep you safe and close to home. You are growing older, and braver and are just wandering too far for our comfort. It is fall and people are hunting and trapping and that is not good news for a pretty girl who loves mischief. So, you'll get some extra time with us, learning your new boundaries in the next few weeks and we should all be happy soon. Tonight you made us so proud staying in your "down" for 6 minutes! What a big girl. DD2 was just too tempting when she made that pass right beside you. I don't blame you at all, I like to play with her too. That's ok, we've got 4 more weeks until another training session and you'll make your 10 minute "down" assignment. Being good will have it's advantages. But I can guarantee you'll never get to take Paperman up on his offer to join him in bed. That's my spot Missy.

Meal Planning Monday, on Tuesday...

Oops. I thought about my weekly meal plan yesterday, but I also went to bed at a decent hour, and as you may tell, most of my blog posts don't happen at a decent hour!
Last week went pretty well with the meal plan, except Thursday my sweetest bestest neighbor friend watched my kids, fed them supper AND sent home lasagna for the next night! What did I do to deserve that?? Anyway, it was greatly appreciated for a busy week and I'll try to get her back soon. I made the chili and chicken soup on Saturday which worked out great as my my brother in law and sister in law were here for supper. I took those leftovers to my parents today as there may have been a mutiny if I tried to serve them the 3rd day in a row. on to this week- I'll be trying to do some freezer potato recipes as I got 15 lbs for $4.59 today.

Monday- Chicken soup and chili (for the last time!)
Tuesday- Mushroom pizza and oranges
Wednesday- BBQ pork sandwiches, oven fries and fresh veggies
Thursday-Baked pasta with veggies, fruit salad
Friday- Scalloped potatoes, carrots
Saturday- Grilled turkey tenderloin, green bean casserole, apples

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I openly and honestly admit I have been a blog slug this week. I have been gone every night with DD1 as it's "tech week" for the musical that opened last night, tonight and another show tomorrow. So last week in a nutshell was Ds had an ear infection, flu shot and a climbing addiction. DD2 had snack day, orthodontist appointment and dance. DD3 had brown/rectangle day at school, dance and speech. Paperman hunted and changed the dryer vent. I cooked, cleaned, laundried (new word), and drove people places. But it was a good week. I got to spend time with dd1 that doesn't happen often enough. We also got family pictures done, some Christmas shopping, caught snowflakes on our tongues and played some wii. It was great having Paperman around, even with a busy week we still had quality time with the kids. The downside of the week is I have 2 friends (not close, but more than mere acquaintances) who were diagnosed with cancer. Pray for them and their family.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One vote...

I have been so amazed/proud/surprised how involved and interested the kids are in this election. Just one more point to show that what the adults are into around them carries over (also the effect the MEDIA plays). I had not made it to the polls yet when dd1 came home and I told her I just wasn't going (jokingly). She said "Mom, you have to, every vote matters."
It may also be a ploy to stay up later as dd1 said "I just want to see who wins Iowa." She knew very well that would take her to at least 9:15 and it was only 8:30 at that point. She also knew which states were "battleground", what electoral votes were and generally understood that process. wow. I think I was 30 before I kind of "got it." I posted on my facebook account the I had not sung yet but was warming up....over an hour ago and NBC just quoted me. Do you think they've been reading my facebook somehow? HA! Anyway, the people have spoken, they want a change, and I truly believe, it's gonna come. I earned the right to complain if I don't like it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm just waiting for the call...

Teachers are mandatory reporters right? So, I'm waiting for the call . In 3rd grade they have a list of vocabulary words and the kids write sentences containing these words each week. I'll give you a sample from DD1's list last week-

sudden- All of the sudden the dog died.
tunnel- DS was not going in the tunnel.
dust- There is dust in the bathroom.
struck- DD2 struck DS with a knife today.

When I asked her why she wrote the last sentence DD#1 said she "couldn't think of anything else to write!" ok, that's a good enough explanation for now....just don't answer that phone. (For anyone beginning to worry about DD1, she's ok there were other sentences about going into space, growing buds, ice cream and pizza and Ds being cute.)

Meal planning Monday...

Let's see if this will work. I am trying (as I have been forever!) to get in a meal planning routine. Each meal won't necessarily happen on the day it was planned, but at least the ingredients will be here for when it does. The reasons for this, cook ahead, buy what we need and not stress at 2 pm everyday. My plan is to post this on Monday, as if everyone CARES what we are eating, but so I do it and follow it. If you ever want a recipe (not that I use them...) I'd be glad to share, but I must have one of yours back! Have a great week-

Monday Tuna and Noodles peas

Tuesday Breakfast Egg Casserole spinach salad

Wednesday Pork Tenderloin, freezer mashed potatoes, green beans

Thursday Tacos, refried beans

Friday Chili and Chicken soup, beer bread, fresh veggies/dip

Saturday leftovers

Sunday Curtis' Birthday party, I don't have to cook!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fresh from the farm

Wednesday was chicken day. We had ordered 8 farm fresh, no antibiotic, free range chickens for our freezer. Paperman and I were both raised on this kind of chicken and whenever he eats (the other) chicken it's just not the same. Of course, I'm sure if his Mom made (the other) chicken it may be better! I stewed a 6 lb chicken today with salt/pepper/carrots/onion and celery. I covered it in water and let it simmer about an hour then sit in the broth for a while (it was still quite warm). I removed the bones and skin and came up with 2 gallons (!) broth with a lot of flavor and 6 cups of chicken. I packaged everything into quart ziploc bags and now have the fixens for chicken soup, chicken and dumplings or chicken and noodles anytime we want. yum.
At $2.25 a lb the chickens are a bit pricey compared to (the other) chicken but we should get at least 4 meals out of this one chicken by adding a few staples and veggies. Now I'll have to ration the remainder of the chickens as we won't be able to get more until July.