Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scarf along with me??

My new adventure. Learning to sew and create. I have some limited sewing experience under the watchful eye of my Mother, 4-H leaders, home ec teacher, Grandmother and Mother In Law. My creations that I remember were a quilted table runner, tshirt and Indian Halloween costume for dd1. I have been reading www.joyshope.com for several months and she inspires me, but never to the extent of doing anything about it (my fault, not hers!). I was happy to admire pictures of her masterpieces and creativity. Now, she is sharing with her readers. I can't wait to join in. I'll post pictures of the final project. The timing is wonderful as I have nearly completed the transition from the guest bedroom to the family closet/craft/sewing/storage room. Pictures to follow on that also. Wish me luck, perseverance and a steady hand with the seam ripper.

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Julie and Jeremy said...

Heather - let me know how it turns out....Grandma Kiefer taught me how to cross stitch once and I was thinking of making a table runner with some cross stitching in it.....could be a nice thing