Saturday, February 7, 2009

The big O

I was just trying to get your attention. O for Organization. I think it's one of the keys to my happiness. Maybe not happiness, maybe inner peace (there is a difference right??). This week I implemented an idea I had brewing in my ever churning mind. My problem-"the pile". "The pile" sits on the corner of my kitchen counter, in plain view of anyone entering my house from ANY direction, entering the kitchen from any direction and even anyone who happens to pull up in my driveway. "The pile" drives me crazy, and back. "The pile" contents are ever changing but some of the most popular items include (please don't judge me on this!) shopping lists, coupons, ponytail holders, stickers, stray game pieces, magazines, jewelry, pens, anything the girls dug up, drug home or found and spare change. My plan- I had 3 matching baskets I placed on another counter and one 9x13 size to place in the original spot. The three baskets are one for each daughter. ANYTHING that is theirs goes in there. It is then their responsibility to find a home (ie:their room or the trash) for it. If their basket is too full, it gets thrown away (within reason, I'm not that Mom!). The 9x13 basket is mine, when it is full I have the same rules. File, put away or recycle what shows up. This system has been in effect for a week and seems to be working. What to tackle next??

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Wanda Tharp said...

Oh my Heather, Are you sure we are not related! I crave organization!