Monday, January 19, 2009

7 things I Love

I don't know why I picked 7....but just go with me on this one. There are the very obvious things, I tried to dig deeper.

Music....loud, when I can sing and pretend, hope and pray no one is listening! Like in the car, by myself. Does anyone else have the false sense of security that others can't see you behind the windows of your car. I am amazed at the power music has, to take you to a place you haven't been in many years, to bring a smile to your face or make you cry, to make you walk faster or want to go to sleep. I know this is not a new revelation, hence the mp3 revolution, but give me a break here, I'm trying to be philosophical.

Our neighbors....ever have one of "those" people in your life, we all have them. The song "find out who your friends are" was written about them...well we're lucky enough to have them a big strong stones throw away from us...about 1 minute from a phone call in the middle of the night, away from us. I can only try to list the phone calls I've baby's not breathing right....I need eggs for the cookies.....I hear voices in my back yard....the garage is flooding....we're out of toilet paper for the birthday party...someone's arm hurts, they have a rock in their ear, they won't walk on their leg (fyi, they are paramedic, fireman, and rn wrapped up in one awesome package), the snowblower is broke and we just got 8 inches of snow (we didn't even have to ask on this one).... I try to have extra eggs on hand to repay all those favors, but goodness, I'm going to need to buy chickens. It's not only the things they do for us, but just their family in general that is a bright spot in our day. Thanks guys, never ever leave us, ok??????????

Soft sheets...I remember buying sheets for the first time and thinking, "like it really matters...sheets are sheets" now when I lay my weary old body on my 600 thread count softies, I realize...yep, it really matters.

Stetson... that's what Paperman wears, always has. nuff said.

My Sleeping Babies.... It's not what you're thinking...yep, they sleep, she's off the hook for a good 10 hours. It's the innocence, the renewing of their bodies and souls for another day of growing, learning and loving, it's all that it takes to make everything right with the world (mine anyway) to look at them so peaceful.

Sunsets and rainbows... One of my oldest and bestest friends and I used to have a saying whenever we saw a beautiful sunset.... "Wanna go?" That was over 20 years ago but I could still call her up, look out the window and utter those 2 words. She would respond "Sure!". I have passed this on to my kids too. Often we'll be driving and someone will say "LOOK!" with responses of "cool..." "wow" and in my head I hear "Wanna go??" We have also been known to jump in the van and chase the rainbow to get a better view.

The ice cream truck... yes, the prices and the music are both outrageous but they can't overshadow the pure excitement that rushes through this house with the faintest tune. Being willing to drop everything, grab a fistfull of cash and run down the lane (Paperman has been known to jump on the 4 wheeler with a kid or 2). It is ice cream, it is summertime and it is being able to give my kids everything they ever wanted (for those 5 minutes anyway).