Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fareway, Sams and Aldis....

I visited each of these stores last week and spent just shy of $400. You're probably thinking, we must have been hungry or had a party, or both! No parties and not hungrier than normal, just trying something new. I have read of people who shopped for their groceries once a month with a couple of quick stops for milk and fresh fruits and veggies. So, I decided to try it. I wasn't incredibly organized, but did create a list of what we had on hand and what we needed to make meals to go with those things. We have enough for roughly 27 meals, most with leftovers (lunches). This does not include breakfast foods that we just have on hand (cereal, ingredients for waffles and pancakes, oatmeal, smoothie fixens, eggs, toast). Paperman and I discussed the $400. We decided that amount wasn't bad, comparing it with a 2 person household with two "expensive habits" would spend that much on "feeding the need" as we spend feeding our 4 expensive blessings (and ourselves too)!!! My ultimate goal is to do more OAMC (once a month cooking) along with my OAMS (once a month shopping). I did buy 10 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts and prepared 5 meals for the freezer in 1 hour. They included chicken taco meat, diced for stir fry, chopped for bbq chicken pizza, marinated, browned for something to be decided. DD3 enjoyed this day as she loves to squish her hands in raw meat...wierd I know, but it keeps her busy while I'm cooking. (yes, she washes very well when she's done!) I have thoroughly enjoyed pulling meals from the freezer and crossing them off my list along with having at least 2 extra hours a week not spent at the grocery store. I guess I'll discontinue meal planning Monday and as I get this down, I can share our monthly plan. I'm always looking for new recipes to try so feel free to share!

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