Friday, March 6, 2009

Beans and Rice Baby

I'm a bit tardy (ok, 6 days and counting, to be exact) on making our meal plan for March. It is on my list, but manages to get pushed down on a daily basis. Today I did some big batch cooking as Fareway had some great prices. Boneless pork loin ($1.69/lb), chicken hind quarters ($.39/lb) and dried pinto beans (4 lbs $2.50). I bought 20 lbs of pork loin, roasted 10 lbs and shredded for sandwiches. The rest is cut in chops to grill. Chicken 20 lbs also. I stewed 10 lbs to make broth and cooked chicken for soup, noodles, chicken salad, tacos, and whatever else makes the menu. The beans, I bought two bags, but only prepared 1, thank goodness, as the cooked yield was close to 20 cups. They are simple, cheap, healthy and for those who follow Dave Ramsey...I have rice on hand. "Beans and Rice, Beans and Rice Baby". (that is a Paperman quote) I plan to use them for refried beans and also see if anyone besides me will eat them without a tortilla chip!

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