Friday, March 13, 2009

Hola Amigos!!

An email starts the ball rolling. We find a date, we pick a place and we wait for the day to come. This is how my "book club" gets together 2-4 times a year. Our readings are very intellectually challenging, or not. We used to read books. We used to work together 8-5, Monday through Friday. Neither of those things happen anymore, but what remains is our friendship. Our get togethers usually follow the same agenda. Food. Drink. Current events and big announcements. Hopes. Dreams. Problems shared, and solved. Celebrations and support. Hugs and promises to not wait so long next time. We've been through weddings, divorces, births, adoptions, graduations, job changes and death. Thank you my dear friends. Our visits are never long or often enough and they make my heart happy. Thursday we had the opportunity to send our dear Suz off to becoming a Mrs. Blessings to the happy couple and here's the recipe from our toast.

Beer Margaritas
1 can frozen limeade
1/2 (limeade can) tequila
1/2 (limeade can) triple sec
1 can beer
Mix first 3 ingredients well. Add beer. Fill remainder of pitcher with sprite. Serve over ice.
(the only rule is when you make this, think of me. When I make it, I always think of my friend Shell, because she gave me the recipe not because she drinks these constantly...).

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