Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cost Cutter...

That's my Mom. She's our resident cost cutter. (my estimate is that she saves us nearly $1000 a year) Today was haircut day as everyone was getting tangles and heads full of static. A beautician (cosmetologist...) for over 40 years she cuts the hair of everyone at our house, except me. Funny huh? Only the daughter of a beautician could understand. Who wants to blame their mother for their bad hair day! It's much healthier to blame a perfect stranger. . Well, now that I'm an adult, with a husband who is capable of paying for my haircuts, I make someone else, besides my Mother, responsible for the way my day goes. It's just too much to ask....birth me, watch my children, trim my hedges AND be held responsible for my bad hair days...No, I'll pay for my haircut, it's the least I can do.

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