Saturday, December 13, 2008

I will do better....

Ahhh... back to reality. We've had house guests (my FIL and his wife) from Mississippi for the last 8 days. (I was told by a perfect stranger today that I had an accent...guess they rub off on me!) The times goes so fast during their visits as Paperman and his Dad are hunting (deer in the fall, mushrooms in the spring). The week is filled with family gatherings, fun and food. Guess that's why tomorrow, it's time for me to dig out the treadmill we pushed against the wall to make room for Christmas #1 today. There are plenty of fruits and veggies in the fridge, now I just need to figure out the menu for next week. Paperman goes back to work the next two weeks and I'm just not sure how to deal with that! We all get so spoiled having him around in the fall, when it's time to go back to the real world's a bummer. I'm done with that complaining, as he has a job to go back to and for that I am truly thankful.

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