Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One heartbeat at a time

One heartbeat at a time is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman. He is a christian artist who was in the news last year as he lost one of his daughters in an accident. One of his older sons ran over his little girl in a tragic turn of events. This family is amazing. Their story is full of faith, forgiveness and hope. Here are some of the lyrics-

One Heartbeat at a time-

You're up all night with a screaming babyYou run all day at the speed of lifeAnd every day you feel a little bit lessLike the beautiful woman you areSo you fall into bed when you run out of hoursAnd you wonder if anything worth doing got doneOh, maybe you just don't knowOr maybe you've forgottenYou, you are changing the worldOne little heartbeat at a timeMaking history with every touch and every smileOh, you, you may not see it nowBut I believe that time will tellHow you, you are changing the worldOne little heartbeat at a time

Thanks Mom. Thanks Jean. Everything you've done, one heartbeat at a time, it mattered. I hope to follow in the big footsteps.

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