Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sprite with straws

Yep, the sickies have hit our house. My last entry was Wednesday- that's the day my mom went to the hospital (stomach virus). I really wasn't too worried as the last time we had spent with her was last Saturday at a softball tournament. We were outside, it was a long time ago, what to worry about?? Thursday morning- dd2 started, Friday morning my dad, Friday night ME, Saturday morning dd3. Who is next? We are hoping and praying NO ONE!!! So, the drink of choice around here has been sprite with straws, hoping to calm the tummies, keep some fluids down and the bright spot in a day of not so bright activities. The tv has not blown up from overuse (yet) and Paperman has been hero of the week around here. The laundry has more than doubled, it was time to "do diapers" (I said to go to disposables until further notice!), he's trying to get grass to grow and the healthy girls have had a busy weekend with activities. His woodcutting treestand checking plans for the weekend pretty much went down the drain with everything else. Thank you Paperman, you'll always be my hero, even when you're not doing laundry. :)

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