Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One of the joys of home ownership...

The picture above is "before".

This picture is "during". I am hoping the after picture will be some lush green grass with an in ground pool, maintenance free deck and some drinks with little umbrellas in them. The reality will most likely be a huge bill in exchange for a worry free septic system for the rest of our lives. The system we are replacing is 36 years old so we are expecting to be traveling around the US in an RV visiting our 16 grandchildren by the time it needs work again! As with any project we've done around here, it's never run of the mill, by the book, easy. A tree had to be moved and replanted (the "unlucky" buckeye tree we planted 3 years ago) and due to the hard to access location, around 80% of our grass will need to be leveled and reseeded. Country livin'. Ain't it grand??

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