Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who are you and where is my dad?

While going through our pics from our visit to Des Moines and the Blank Park Zoo this summer I ran across this picture. It made me laugh. At a quick glance this looks like our family. Look closer and the man holding the little boy is not Paperman, nor is he holding ds. The girls belong, the boys do not. Go figure! I think the real men from our family were just a bit out of camera range for this photo. We had a great day at the zoo and even made it to the state fair for some time that evening. Then back to the fair the following day. The girls got to ride horses, eat ice cream, ride the sky lift and participate in story time with Dan from IPTV. DS was patient in his stroller, got to pet a calf, and even had a nap. More fun for him next year.

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