Monday, November 17, 2008

Doctor Love

I'm in love with another man. Our pediatrician. Not in love in love, just appreciating what he does for our family. He and his father were the dr's my Mom would take us to when we were too sick to see our small town doctor. He is the doctor we've taken dd1 and everyone else to since they were one week old. I can stress and wonder about anything, but with one phone call he can make me feel at ease. He is very good at being on the safe side of things, but not overreacting. I'm sure most doctors are this way, but today after 5 trips to the doctor in 2 weeks it was nice to be reassured that we are doing ok and our kids are "just perfect" (his quote not mine, see why I love this man!). DD1 and DD2 had their checkups. Yep, a little late for dd2 but I usually do them together, then everyone gets their flu shots, and ice cream. This year the girls got flu mist, and still ice cream. I'm sure he has a huge number of patients (as he's been "in the business" for over 25 years), but he still acts like he remembers us and the little details about our lives, I guess it's kind of like being a frequent flyer member, membership has it's privileges.

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