Saturday, November 8, 2008


I openly and honestly admit I have been a blog slug this week. I have been gone every night with DD1 as it's "tech week" for the musical that opened last night, tonight and another show tomorrow. So last week in a nutshell was Ds had an ear infection, flu shot and a climbing addiction. DD2 had snack day, orthodontist appointment and dance. DD3 had brown/rectangle day at school, dance and speech. Paperman hunted and changed the dryer vent. I cooked, cleaned, laundried (new word), and drove people places. But it was a good week. I got to spend time with dd1 that doesn't happen often enough. We also got family pictures done, some Christmas shopping, caught snowflakes on our tongues and played some wii. It was great having Paperman around, even with a busy week we still had quality time with the kids. The downside of the week is I have 2 friends (not close, but more than mere acquaintances) who were diagnosed with cancer. Pray for them and their family.

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