Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let it snow???

Argh. I'm not sure I'm ready for this. Last winter seemed so long and with too many nights Paperman didn't make it home. This morning Paperman was up with the two youngest girls and making pancakes. As I laid in bed, enjoying their conversation, I kept hearing the same thing....CAN WE GO OUTSIDE? CAN WE GO OUTSIDE YET? CAN WE GO OUTSIDE NOW??? My sweet patient saint of a husband kept saying, in a minute, pretty soon, when we're done with breakfast....Then the dread starts to pop into my head....I had not prepared for snow. It didn't have to do with having supplies, shovels, sleds, etc... The entry way, meant for a family of 3 (not 6 plus a dog!) was not cleaned, the baskets of mittens were not set out, snow pants were not assigned from the overflowing tote o pants and bikes have not been put away to make room for sleds. I did manage to contain my "argh" and drag myself from the covers, help find dd3's boots and between the 3 girls, they made at least 8 full dress, play, undress, dry clothes, redress, play cycles today. We discussed ideas on how to keep the entry way clean and semi organized (ie: keep mom from freaking out) as a family. General putting things where they belong should help out with this. Maybe by summer we'll all have it down pat!

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