Monday, November 3, 2008

Meal planning Monday...

Let's see if this will work. I am trying (as I have been forever!) to get in a meal planning routine. Each meal won't necessarily happen on the day it was planned, but at least the ingredients will be here for when it does. The reasons for this, cook ahead, buy what we need and not stress at 2 pm everyday. My plan is to post this on Monday, as if everyone CARES what we are eating, but so I do it and follow it. If you ever want a recipe (not that I use them...) I'd be glad to share, but I must have one of yours back! Have a great week-

Monday Tuna and Noodles peas

Tuesday Breakfast Egg Casserole spinach salad

Wednesday Pork Tenderloin, freezer mashed potatoes, green beans

Thursday Tacos, refried beans

Friday Chili and Chicken soup, beer bread, fresh veggies/dip

Saturday leftovers

Sunday Curtis' Birthday party, I don't have to cook!!

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Julie and Jeremy said...

You'll laugh, I make one on the weekend so we plan meals that allow leftovers for lunch. How funnY!