Friday, October 10, 2008

4 kids and a pumpkin....

Did I mention I LOVE fall? Leaves, our anniversary, dd1 birthday, pumpkin blizzards, Halloween parties, chili, hayrides, bonfires, sweatshirt weather, football....what's not to love.

I wanted to capture this evening as it was one I didn't want to forget anytime soon. Temperatures in the low 70's, beautiful piles of leaves, kids playing nicely.... (dd1 was playing basketball with her new ball from her teacher, in the background. DD2 and DD3 were hunting for a new pet bug, digging in a mole run. DS was training to be a NASCAR driver climbing through the window of the little tykes cozy coupe.) I know the kids kind of steal the photo, but check out that pumpkin! We got a picnic table full and then some from Paperman's cousins. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The one in the photo was dd1's pick, no dirty flat spot, sits great, nice stem...what more could you ask for! Maybe Ben and Jen should go into the pumpkin business. I'm also thinking this one could be a great roller. A week or so after Halloween we drag the pumpkins to the edge of the timber at the top of the hill and take turns letting them roll. It's a big contest to see who's goes the farthest, with lots of "do overs" and treats for the deer or our other timber friends.

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