Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Walk a mile in their shoes

I know, they don't make the fashion week runways. I know, some people think they are UGLY. But I also know, they look cute on kids and some adults can pull them off too. They are also perfect for our summers. They go from the garden to the pool to the neighbors lake all with just a toss in the washer! They keep my kids' feet clean and safe. Toddlers can put them on themselves and they get to express their individuality by picking their colors and/or decorations. are my girls' crocs. Aside from size, you can easily pick out whose is whose if you know my girls. They tell the story. They write the book. I was sentimental hanging them on the shoe rack thinking of where those crocs took us this summer. How they probably will be too small in the spring. How I let dd3 pick orange thinking ds could wear them when he's 3 or 4, but the dog chewed them, and I'm still glad she picked orange. It's not her favorite color, but there's not many people with orange crocs, and there's not too many 4 year olds like dd3 either. :) She did have a butterfly and ladybug decoration, but they fell off. DD2, pink mary janes with flip flops. If only she had ballet slippers and a big heart, just like hers, stuck on there too. DD1, black with a football helmet. That's her story, throw in a softball, a book, her desire to learn and help and there you go. My girls (and their shoes).

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