Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's THAT time of year again...

The furnace had been set on 66 and was running. This gets Paperman's goat as his yearly goal is to NOT have to fill the propane tank. He works hard getting the woodpile ready to keep his family warm and toasty all winter long and running the furnace is not part of that plan. So today started the 5-6 month process of fill the cart, bring the cart to the garage, feed the fire, feed the fire, feed the fire, fill the cart.... It does add work, it does add dust and a bark trail from the garage to the wood burner and I'm sure somewhere it does add to global warming. But, it also adds to MY warming, and it hardly costs us any money. I love being able to control how warm my house is and not thinking about having to pay for it next month. It's just one more way that Paperman takes care of us and provides for us. Thanks to my hunter/gatherer Paperman! (the picture is proof, that I do keep the home fires burning....)

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