Friday, October 3, 2008

Look what I can do!

DS's newest trick- balancing a spoon on his head. Now this boy could really go places. When we finished up supper Wednesday night he was sitting in his high chair making the biggest mess possible while I was loading dishes in the dishwasher. He started saying "ahhhhh???" After he got my attention I said "Where's the spoon?" He would smile very big and grab it....and start the whole thing over. He must have his Daddy's talent, as Paperman can balance a spoon on his nose, and has taught that trick to each of his daughters. Ask to see it sometime. Along with the spoon balancing, DS's climbing skills have improved this week, to my dismay. His current escapades include the dining room chairs and the ottomans, he climbs up, then stands up, then I run! We are almost 9 years into this parenting thing and no stitches, how's that to jinx us. My prediction the other day was that ds would have them before he's 5- a bet I would clearly love to lose.

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