Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat...

We had a great Halloween day. The oldest girls didn't have school due to the end of the quarter, not Halloween becoming a national holiday. That may be the next major change in the country depending on who becomes our new President! :) DD3 had her costume parade and harvest party at preschool and the rest of the family got to go. What a treat seeing 45 four year olds so proud of their costumes. We got to see our neighborhood friends as they were going trick or treating then we went on a hay rack ride around the neighborhood with around 30 kids (ages 1-14) and adults. The weather was beautiful, the kids were well behaved, and Chocolate. Papa and Grandma came to our house to see the kids as we weren't sure if we could make it to theirs without some type of meltdown.

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