Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reaching the limit....

I think the tire swing was close to reaching it's load limit, but not the kids. They could have hung around for much more bouncing, running, digging, climbing and haunting, but it was time for lunch! We took our family and 3 of dd1's friends to the pumpkin farm for some birthday agritainment. (for those unfamiliar with that term, basically, fun on the farm or how some farmers supplement their income....) It's 10 days until her official birthday, but with no school and no work for Paperman, it worked for us. We had beautiful weather, exhausted kids and dd1 said it was just what she wanted, so the day goes down as a success. Happy almost birthday!(dd3 was not crying in the photo, just saying something like "pumpkin farm" that gave her that look of ahhhhhh!)

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