Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Never forget?

I've always said to myself, as I'm sniffing the top of my baby's head, I'll never forget this. I'll never forget the way (even 14 months later) his head fits right under my chin, like he's been there forever. I'll never forget the way his infectious giggle can turn heads in a crowded store as his sister plays peek a boo to keep him from climbing out of the shopping cart. I'll never forget how angelic he looks when he finally gives into sleep, only to recharge his tired body for the next day of adventure. I'll never forget what a true miracle it is to see his perfect little body, running naked across the living room, doing anything to keep from getting dressed. I'll never forget the way music moves him, stops him in his tracks and makes him boogie. I'll never forget how he gets a cup from the drawer and stands at the water dispenser on the fridge waiting for his turn. I'll never forget how I can say and sign "eat" Are you hungry? and he runs to his high chair to fill his hollow leg. I'll never forget how many times I hear "you got your boy", "he looks just like his daddy" and "look at those eyes". I'll never forget the things we thought were childproofed, but not DS proofed, the air vents (pulls them out), the ottomans (stands on them) the end table (pulls it over), the bathtub (pulls himself in), the toilet (he's obsessed). I'll never forget how 8 years ago, pregnant with DD2, I was to love another baby as much as DD1, but I didn't worry for DD3, or DS as I did learn, with more, love does not divide, it multiplies. Oh, I pray, I never forget.

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