Monday, October 13, 2008

Tucker, Tom, Ted, Taylor, Crawler.....

Well, he doesn't officially have a name, and he's not going to stay, but those are some of the ideas got thrown around tonight. For reference we'll just call him Mr. Turtle. The big girls were riding their bikes and going to get the mail tonight when dd2 came in to tell me "There's a turtle on the road!" I was thinking the size of my hand (ended up the size of my THUMB) so I grabbed a bucket, gloves and Brady and out we went. He was not moving except for his tail, a little. He was covered in dried mud and just didn't look well. We brought him back to the house and put a little water, some rocks, grapes and dead flies in the bucket. (Franklin likes flies, we thought he would too) Pretty soon he was sticking his head way out and hiding whenever he would get attention. When I told Paperman about him he asked if it was a snapper, I said I don't know, he said does he have a pointed nose, yep. "He's a snapper and he'll bite your finger off!" As I'm looking at Thumbkin I was thinking "How?" Then I explained how small he was and I think Paperman felt there was less imminent danger at that point. I'm thinking it's illegal or something to take a turtle from the wild. Please don't turn us in, believe me, we don't need another critter in this house any time soon. He'll be going back to the wild as soon as he's well! (We had a toad earlier in the day, but he has since been returned to his original habitat of the front porch.)

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