Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's the little victories....

Today was one of those hang out Mommy days with the exception of a quick trip to town. We had two things to get done. 1. Head check- DD1 and DD3 both have head lice in their classrooms. Bummer. I have gotten over the stigma of it all (as I've seen it cross all social and economic boundaries), but I know not everyone has. But girls, girls with long hair and sensitive scalps live in this household. Nightmare. I've been itchy ever since I've read the notices. We need to pull out the tea tree oil and start the daily checks. My Mom did it today as Paperman was working. 2. Target trip. DD2 is attending a birthday party tomorrow and DD1 is having a birthday party on Monday, we needed supplies. We were home for a late lunch and naps then we broke out the puffy paint and made trick or treat bags. The girls did a great job being creative. After all that fun was over we were ready to head outside. Dd3 has just learned to ride her bike on the rocks so she wanted to make it to the end of the driveway (lane would be a much better way to describe our approx. 1/10 mile entry from the road). I was up for the challenge so I said sure. Her sisters were in especially helpful moods too. So off we went. Here comes the little victory part- DD1 OFFERED to push DD3 and help her make it to the top of the hill and the whole time dd2 stood at the top saying "I know you can, I know you can, I KNOW YOU CAN!". DD2 had a smile so bright at the end of it all we should have had sunscreen on. Ahhh. My kids rock.

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