Thursday, October 9, 2008


I love garage sales. I could be one of those people who plan to spend every Friday morning hitting the pavement. I think I have pretty good judgement and try not to buy junk or things we don't need. Yes, the kids do get the occasional 25 cent "have to have it" stuffed animal, but I said try.... My sister was our original garage sale shopper in the family, then she inspired my Mom and I. Paperman swears the car pulls whenever we drive by a sign or a front lawn full of treasures. Mom is now the scout, she goes out early to check out the sales and lets us know what's worth our time, saving a lot of in and outs of the car with 2-4 kids in tow. Today she alerted me that Lisa was having her sale. You might be a die hard garage saler if you know the owners by their first name! :) It so happens that Lisa is in the same size range of my Mom and I and we made out like bandits. Seems that I'm usually picking up things for the kids at sales, but today it was (almost) all about me.
2 piece Ralph Lauren Jammies
2 piece Nordstrom sweat suit
tommy t-shirt
Dress barn sweater
Long sleeve brown t-shirt
1 pair athletic pants
2 tshirts, a turtleneck (new with Von Maur tags) and a book for DD1
Grand total- $16.50
A bit refreshing to have new clothes and not feel guilty on a day the market "plummets" for the (is it 8th??) day in a row...

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Julie and Jeremy said...

I love garage sales too. I feel like I'm "beating the system" by getting everything for 2% what the original price was. Jeremy is still learning it's a great way to shop but all in due time, he'll come around.....I hope.