Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Living green...

I'm not sure where it came from, I'll blame my kids for this again (sorry sweeties, but this is a good one!), I am trying to do my part to keep this world a healthy one for them. Changes I have made in the last year....recycling glass (I never had a separate container, so I pitched it), cloth diapers, ditching the swiffers for microfiber cloths, using vinegar and baking soda to replace windex, stove top cleaner, etc..., Charlies Soap for laundry (check out their website, if you're interested, I get mine locally, free delivery). Reusable shopping bags, as long as I remember to take them IN the store. I got a clothesline and use it when all the planets align. I think that's about it. Seems like a lot from 10 years ago when I couldn't bring myself to wash out a can, I thought I was too busy!!
There are things I have tried, but reverted back....making my own dish washing soap (baking soda and borax), I got a film, I think it's our water. No bleach. I tried, I really really did...but there are those time when things get stinky or really really dirty and they just need it! Oxyclean does ok, but good old pollutin chlorine, there's no match. Paper napkins, I've looked for cloth, but I'm not willing to shell out the money right now. Maybe we'll use cloth diapers for our dinner napkins when DS is potty trained. (just kidding, you can still come for supper!) I'm hoping to run across a stash at a garage sale someday. Paper towels, I'm working on this one too. Some things just need thrown away and some days the washcloth/dish towel drawer is just plain empty! Water bottles. We have cut down on the plastic ones we buy and use, but recycle the ones we do. The other issue is the #7 plastic, bpa, etc.... Once again, simple economics come to play. I'm thinking stainless steel water bottles for Christmas. With anything, it's a work in progress. Babysteps.

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