Friday, October 3, 2008

Yellow tape

If you see our property surrounded by yellow (do not cross) tape, do not worry. It's just the health department doing a quarantine on our household for germs that just won't leave us alone! Go as far away as you can and come back in a week. We thought we were safe. Thought the worst was over. Thought we could have a weekend together as a family (it's only been a month!). Nope. Not happening. Paperman came home today in the middle of the day. I was excited for about 4 seconds (thinking they didn't need him at work and our weekend started early), he's sick. DD1 has very high confidence that her good health will continue. I'll go with her on that. We have her sleeping in the garage and bathing in rubbing alcohol. Just kidding. Get better soon Paperman, we love you and miss you when you can't go places with us!

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