Sunday, October 26, 2008

4 little pumpkins

I assume most families do this as they head to the pumpkin patch... pick out pumpkins based on birth order of the children (add parents if they get pumpkins too). Ours worked out that way this year anyway. The kids had been asking for a week to carve them, and I wanted it done, but needed a chunk of time that I was feeling pretty caught up with things to make a mess of the kitchen! That was hard to find. So Sunday morning I promised they would be done before bedtime. Forward to 7 pm, finally, pumpkin carving time. This was not the best judgement on my part as we had spent the afternoon outside at a Halloween party (45 degrees and 30 mph winds!) then came home and worked in the yard (mowing and raking up locust tree pods). This tends to wear most anyone out, especially kids that have been up later than usual 2 nights in a row. I wasn't going to break my promise OR miss out on the first time Paperman was around for pumpkin carving. I usually use this as an activity to pass the time when he's gone. It's amazing how his presence can make any activity go more smoothly. Anyway, the kids did great cleaning out their pumpkins, ds really got into the whole process and we've got some cute decorations for the front step! Happy Halloween week!

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